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Immediate professional aid with minor and major damages – around the clock!

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We are experts for damage restoration and property renovation

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Immediate professional aid with minor and major damages – around the clock!

How does the Sorglos24 Subscriptions work?

The tap is dripping, the windows are leaking – now what? A call to the hotline Sorglos24 is enough. Our Sorglos24 craft professionals handle small repairs quickly and efficiently. For bigger repairs, we help you choose the right craftsman, immediately make an appointment and offer special discounts. With the Sorglos24 annual subscription, you get a handy service package that includes all those services.

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You can order your Sorglos24 subscription online using our subscription form or by phone: Hotline Tel: 0800 10 12 24 or Mo-Fr: +43 (0)1 933 24 24

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Within Sorglos24 subscription, non-insurance relevant benefits for household like repairs are covered. The subscription offers quick, efficient help and advice, in case of need, at a fixed monthly investment.

24h Hotline: 0800 10 12 24

All-round carefree feeling

Good to know that with Sorglos24 there is a strong partner who quick and easy helps in repairing damages!

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Experience matters. We know your problems and our business.

Our experts and professionals can bank on many years of experience. Including others, the following companies rank among our customers and partners:

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We are available around the clock to help you as quickly as possible.

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